2017 Travel Trends: New Year, New Trips

While you were busy writing down resolutions, cleaning up the aftermath from last night’s party, and mapping out upcoming trips, I’ve gathered some useful 2017 travel trends that are sure to serve as inspiration for the upcoming year. 

Enjoying the sun and architecture as a tourist in Dresden.

Looking back…

2016 has been a shaky year to say the least. The rise in staycations and digital detoxes gave us some much needed rest and relaxation. Not to mention, things are becoming more eco-friendly with ridesharing continuing to increase in popularity and more long-haul buses in Europe.   

Booking your trip and comparing how to get from a to be is becoming easier by the day. You can now do everything on your phone with several great apps! That means that people are now looking for more personalized ways to travel. Inspiration can be found watching travel hack videos, reading travel blogs (such as this one) and using Airbnb’s trips, which allows you to sign up to participate in guided tours and local experiences.  

Now that travel is becoming a lot easier and less stressful, people can focus more energy on the experience! Without the hassle you can also go farther away. According to Google Trends, the fastest rise in searches were for the following destinations: 

  1. Reykjavik
  2. Havana
  3. Toronto
  4. Mexico City
  5. Tokyo


Looking forward…   

Travel will be much more focused on thrill this year. According to The New Daily, several somewhat unexpected trends should be expected this year, including a rise in adventure travel, female solo travel, and multi-generational travel.

That’s cool, but where are these various travelers going? Trip Advisor’s Top Destinations on the Rise for 2017 are… 

  1. Mexico
  2. British Columbia
  3. Brazil  
  4. Hawaii
  5. Azerbaijan

Luckily for all those traveling in Europe there is no need to worry about hikes in airfare prices. Many low cost carrier airlines (LCCs) will still continue to offer super cheap flights, in order to keep up with fierce competition. On the flip side, studies show that hotel rates are increasing in major cities, but couch surfing and house sharing are great alternatives.

For all Americans who want to travel to Europe, you might be in for a real treat this year! Norwegian Air is planning on offering flights from the U.S. to Europe starting at $69! Really only 69 bucks!

View of the Cologne Cathedral when leaving the train station.

Now, it is just time to follow up on your travel goals. I know, easier said than done. It all starts with a dream, and then a plan. Start by setting aside a travel budget, find a travel partner, stay inspired, and just book it!

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