New City New Friends: Tips for Meeting People in Berlin

Are you new to Berlin? Whether you are just stopping by for a visit, doing a three-month internship, or just moved here, meeting new people will significantly change your time in the city! Find out how you can become friends with even the most unfriendly of folk in Berlin.

Moving to a Berlin can be very difficult, especially with German bureaucracy. Once you’ve found an apartment, registered at the Bürgeramt, and gotten a bit settled in it is time to start meeting people.   

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After being in Berlin for over a year, I am still always looking for ways to expand my network and meet new people. This past week I attended my first ever Lean In Circle in Berlin, and can highly recommend it. Lean In circles form groups in local communities that discuss topics such as work-life balances and young female professionals in the workforce. The concept was created by Sheryl Sandberg in her highly acclaimed book Lean In. Going to my first Lean in Circle go me thinking about how many similar things like this must exist in Berlin.

First things first, when it comes to meeting new people go the “classic route”. Introduce yourself to people around you whether that be your neighbors, work colleagues, classmates, or the guy who works at the local bakery. 

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Once you’ve met a few people in your neighborhood, it’s time to think of what you are interested in, and who you want to spend time with. Love salsa dancing or want to learn how to develop film? Check out MeetupOne of my roommates, met all of her friends and later boyfriend at an alternative Meetup that goes to punk gigs. There is a group for almost everything, and if there isn’t you can create your own!  

If you want a more structured way to meet people sign up for an evening class at one of Berlin’s many Volkhochschule. Classes are offered at a very low cost and offerings range from sports activities to language lessons. My tip is to ask a few classmates for their phone numbers on the first day of class in order to get the homework in case you can’t make it to class one day.  

What if you don’t know how long you will stay in Berlin or are just a tourist? Be sure to use Facebook to look up countless events in the city. This is great for any interesting in going out, and want to find out more about live music, and local markets. Also check out Exberliner’s event calendar for great tips on museum openings, festivals, and club events.

Although Berlin is a big city, I am always surprised to see the same people on my commute to work. Be bold and talk up someone that you have seen before! Chances are they probably will remember you.  


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