Film Review- Jackie

Jacqueline Lee “Jackie” Kennedy Onassis was an American sweetheart. Her style and love of the arts added flare to her short term stunt as first lady. She was a woman of many hats– the most famous being her pink Chanel pillbox.

During this past rainy Sunday, I went to the movies to watch Jackie. The film was written by Noah Oppenheim and directed by Pablo Larrain, and is out in European theaters now.  

Before watching Jackie, I knew a little about the former first lady. I was aware that she was alongside her husband when he was shot in the head and murdered by Lee Harvey Oswald. Her exquisite beauty and fashion sense came to mind, but I couldn’t tell you anymore.

Jackie tells the personal story of a women in the spotlight dealing with immense loss. The film shows many flashbacks, which break chronology and give the viewer glimpses into her life. The story is told from Jackie’s perspective, and gets inside her head without disclosing her most intimate thoughts. The psychological aspect of the story makes you question what you thought you knew of Mrs. Kennedy, as well as her grasp on reality. It challenges you to feel her pain and journey along part of her morning process.

The cinematography in Jackie is truly wonderful and stands out just as much as the psychological roller coaster. There are so many scenes that are visually pleasing, combining classical American landscapes with vivid colors and wonderful style. It leaves a lasting impression!  

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Unsurprisingly, Jackie received the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Costume Design, Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Makeup, and the Satellite Award for Best Costume Design, and has also been nominated for the Best Costume Design Oscar. Natalie Portman did a magnificent job taking on the role and has been nominated Best Actress performance Oscar. One resonating part of her performance is that her impeccably realistic accent and has been widely acclaimed.

I left the movie theaters curious, wanting to know more about the illusive protagonist- inspired to find out about this famous woman’s life after death. Arguably, one of the strongest aspects of the film is that is doesn’t explain her whole life, but merely lets you have a peak at an incredibly painful and life-changing event.  

With great pleasure, I highly recommend the film Jackie!

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