Magic + Love x Art Exhibition

Friday, February 17th, was the opening of the Magic + Love x Art exhibition  in the Magic Beans Gallery in Berlin Mitte. The group exhibition was curated by Larissa Kikol and is on display until March 19th.

left: Mille Plateaux by Abetz & Drescher, right: Notturna by Lorella Paleni 

The message embedded in the tongue-in-cheek formula, that is the exhibition’s title, suggests that the artist’s role is to find inspiration in the unusual and to create enigmatic and thought provoking works. -Stephanie von Behr

painting left: Burn My Heart With a Glittering Torch and Set Me by Sadie Weis, sculpture: Metamorphosis To ? by Frederike von Cranach, right: Vivenze by Guiseppe Gonella

When I think of magic, I initially think of a little girl with a wand pretending to be a fairy princess. This exhibition claims that creating excellent art is like performing a magic trick- as the viewer you don’t know quite how it happened but you see the results and of how something original (a blank canvas) transformed into something extraordinary (a painting). The works shown are playful and colorful, just as you would expect from a magic show.

Primates by Erik Nieminen 

Stop by Magic Beans if you’re in Mitte and be ready to be amazed by the ✨magic✨

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