FLUTSCHI Exhibition

Galerie Gerken is located two minutes away from my apartment. I often pass by the modern building, which always has its lights on, and glance at the artwork on display. This time around, I really was intrigued by the paintings I saw through the window and decided to have a closer look.


Currently on display is Max Richter’s FLUTSCHI exhibition. It will be up until March 2, 2017, so there is plenty of time to stop by if you’re in Berlin.


Richter is a Berlin native who currently resides in Leipzig. His artwork plays with dimensions, mostly utilizing 2-dimenstion motifs that create contrast with the help of bright colors. Expressionism, Cubism and Surrealism influences can be seen in his work.

Schwarzer Peter by Max Richter

Topics dealt with in his work are light hearted, and have sexual undertones. Art at Berlin described it well how the serious compositions are dealt with ironically  “which gives the viewer of the artworks an access to a whimsical world where snowmen, hookahs, deities, pimps, baseball caps, flying moonfish, dudes picking their noses and prostitutes meet gangsters and the deep ocean.”

Frau mit lang Haarn by Max Richter

The bong as a medium of consumption appears in different contours, sometimes more clearly, in his pictures: whether free in the image space, shimmering in silver or in the hand of a red slippery figure as the center of the image – the repetition creates a new tradition and causes a tipping of the traditional perception and implementation of the genre of painting. -Helene Bosecker

Check out Richter’s eccentric paintings yourself!




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