War Inside My Head – Damien Deroubaix Exhibition

“War Inside My Head” is a solo exhibition at the Jordan Seydoux gallery in Berlin Mitte. The exhibition opened January 21 and will be around until March 4, 2017. The gallery is showing sixteen recent drawings and woodcuts done by Damien Deroubaix. The French born artist has a unique tie to Germany, as he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe and lived in Berlin for 10 years.

Deroubaix’s current work on display deals with a unique mix of themes and motifs. As the title of the exhibition suggests, there are internal battles of sort that are externalize and put down on paper in the images. Pieces depict heads, shadowy figures, skeletons, lights builds, and barbwire. 


The drawings are very raw, coming across like quick pencil sketches, while the woodcut prints are more intricate.

Étude pour le baiser

What I enjoy about Deroubaix’s pieces is the way that he creates depth in his artwork. Things often hang from the “ceiling” or top of the piece. He plays with height and proportions to create drama and signify importance. A head resting on a table is massive, with a shark appearing small in comparison.   


His drawings and woodcuts are almost solely in black and white with the exception of two wood cuts down with yellow ink.

The Painter I

Damien Deroubaix’s blasphemous pictures, residing somewhere between high art and trash, between amazement and weltschmerz instantaneously affect the viewer. His art is neo-Symbolist, post-Dadaist, anti-utopian, and at the same time quite political, concerned about society. This art is about the origin and the end of the world.

Ina Dinter 

If you like what you see, go to the exhibition at the Jordan/Seydoux!

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