Invisibilites – Paula Klien Exhibition

Currently on display at aquabitart gallery is Paula Klien’s exhibition invisibilities. The exhibition opened February 17th and I attended the artist talk on February 24th. Don’t miss your chance to go see Klien’s beautiful pieces, which will only be around until February 27th!

Left: Irina Ilieva, gallery owner, Right: Paula Klien, artist

Paula Klien is a firecracker from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! She is a well-known photographer and this is the first exhibition of her artwork of this medium. Admittedly, her monochrome Chinese ink abstractions have no tie to her previous photography.

Untitled no. 7, 2016

Klien stated that she wanted to mix rawness and elegance together. Intuition, faith, aesthetic beauty all guide her work. According to Klien, there were several concepts related to key phrases that each piece had to have in order for it to be finished.

Untitled no.5, 2016

While creating the pieces, she said that she would write with crayons on canvas. At first she would write “god is here”, and she would continue to write this until she no longer knew what she was writing. Interestingly, the crayon writing has been washed away and only faint lines can be seen on one or two pieces.

Behind each paining, Klien attached a Médaille miraculeuse, which symbolizes the miracle of giving birth to her son.

Her pieces were described by her as very controlled and a way for her to deal with lack of control in other aspects of her life. However, she admitted that she didn’t learn about herself throughout the process of creating these pieces.

The exhibition is titled invisibilities, because it remains true to Klien’s unending faith. She doesn’t subscribe to one religion, but said that she believes in everything. Her faith of believing without seeing is what she wants to convey in her abstract work.

Hurry and go to aquabitart gallery to see the exhibition this weekend before it is gone!



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