Dieter Kraemer Exhibition

Galerie Poll is currently showing several of Dieter Kraemer’s paintings and drawings until April 15th, 2017. Preview Kraemer’s exhibition titled, “Cityscapes and further Berlin-Themes.” 

Galerie Poll is tucked away between two tasty Asian restaurants in Berlin, Mitte. Perfect place to go on a rainy day! ☔️

Dieter Kraemer was born in Hamburg in 1937, and resides in Cologne where he currently paints and works as a professor. In honor of Kraemer’s 80th birthday galleries throughout Germany are featuring retrospectives of his work, dedicated to various themes.

Hüte im Schaufenster, 1964

Kraemer’s website is also organized according to themes. For those interested, yes there is a cheese section.


Galerie Poll is displaying his work focused on the cityscape and Berlin still lives. The artist resided in a divided Berlin in 1957/8.  

Ausblick H.f.b.K. auf TU, 1962

Kraemer’s work belongs to the school of German realism. In his paintings, perspectives are manipulated, and objects often overlap. The shapes he paints often have rounded corners and with dark shadows. His paintings of people are not beautiful, but rather feature individuals with plump features and ominous, dark oversized eyes.  

Berliner Balkon, 1964

If you like what you see, be sure to check out a selection of Kraemer’s work in Berlin and in the other locations throughout Germany!


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