24 Hours in Bucharest

Bucharest, not to be confused with Budapest, is the lively capital of Romania. Early this past Saturday morning, I found myself sitting in the regional train from Alexanderplatz going to Schönefeld airport. I was off to Bucharest for an insanely short trip of 1 day and 1 night.

20€ round-trip RyanAir tickets make Bucharest a super affordable destination! The well keep secret is catching on, as I saw several of the same faces on my return flight.

Admittedly, I didn’t have much time to plan for my quick city-trip. On Wednesday, I booked a central room on Airbnb. My host Diana turned out to me the best ever and showed me around the town! Also, on the plus side, the weather was to-die-for! It was 16°C and sunny, so pretty much the first spring day of the year. Before going, the only thing I planned on doing was checking out several art museums and galleries, however, I quickly changed my plans to focus on sight seeing.

Art museums I planned on going to and will have to check out next time:

After arriving at the airport, I took the 783 bus to the city center. Be warned that you do need cash, Romanian leu, to purchase a bus ticket. Make sure to get a window seat, as you will pass by lots of big landmarks on your way!

Tip 1: Go on a walk and have ice cream in the city park Parcul Cismigiu

First flowers of spring known as snowdrops
Sign stating “Do not swim in the water- It’s your health.”
view of the Cretulescu Palace from the Cismigiu Gardens

Tip 2: Go to local antique markets   

old photos for sale at the flee market
lost and found- keys for sale at the flea market

Tip 3: Explore the old town 

old town street in Bucharest
get lost down the winding alley ways in the old town
old town shop
find a mix of traditional and souvenir shops in the old town

Tip 4: Check out the street art 



People like U and Me Dance in the Rain
I really liked this jelly fish tag that can be found throughout the city.
local Romanian artist Kitar pasteup

Tip 5: Try some delicious pastries



March Tip 

The first of March, Mărțișor, is celebrated in Romania. Mărțișor is a diminutive of March (Martie in Romanian) and I think it is fair enough to dub it a classy version of Valentine’s Day. To celebrate Romanians buy silky red-white threads (șnur) which they tie into a bow and attach to a small trinket. All women regardless of age or relationship are given this little brooches, as well as flowers. My lovely AirBnb host, Diana, was so lovely and gave me a yellow duck.

Martie brooches

Parts of the town reminded me of Berlin’s urban edge with crumbling buildings, tagged walls, and the large scale Soviet architecture just like Karl-Marx-Allee.

My short visit to Bucharest left quite an impression on me. I’ve never been to any place in Europe like it. I was touched by the lovely people I met along my journey, including two older ladies who gave me life advice and Diana, my great hostess with the mostest.

La revedere Bucharest! 



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