Spring Forward- Winter Travel Lessons

Spring has sprung!

Spring has sprung #flowers #blossom #springequinox

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That’s a wrap winter travel. Looking back on the many places I’ve visited this winter, I am happy to say that I actually got out a lot more than I expected to. This year alone, I’ve been to Prague, Rotterdam, Brussels, and Bucharest. Plus, I traveled to Zurich, Stockholm (with 2 feet of snow on the ground in November!) and I went back to North Carolina at the end of November. Going home doesn’t really count though- the weather was much too pleasant.

Winter Travel Takeaways  

  1. Dress like an onion

Traveling throughout Europe this winter has taught me the importance of layers. While in Prague with -8°C (17.6° F) I even layered my gloves. I kid you not, two pairs of gloves, which I had to constantly take off to photograph the beautiful city.  

Germans always say there isn’t bad weather just bad clothes. I am a firm believer in traveling even in snow and rain! It is just a matter of being prepared.


  1. You might have the place to yourself

Even the most beloved of tourist destinations get pretty empty during the blistering winter. It probably won’t be as crowded as you expect! Winter trips offer great opportunities to take lots of pictures of empty streets. 


  1. It pays to be a little insane

Traveling during off season is a lot cheaper. Hostels normally have a lot of spare rooms and some travel companies even offer cheaper deals. It will help counteract your café bill you are bound to ring up escaping the cold weather with warm beverages. 


  1. Museums are your best friend  

Going to museums is a great way to get to know your new surroundings, ranging from the local history to art. Check out my tips on how to make the most of art museums while traveling. 


  1. Prepare yourself mentally

Let’s be honest, getting out of bed can be a real struggle in the winter. It takes even more willpower to go on a journey to a new bed. I never regretted going on one of my winter trips even with the cold weather and all. 


⚠️Warning! One thing about traveling in the winter time is that you will probably catch yourself saying that you need to return in the spring or summer time. 

Now that it is spring I am looking forward to continue my journeys with mild weather and blooming flowers. Slowly, but surely I am checking off several destinations from my long bucket list. Upcoming trips include Paris, Beijing, Basel, and Copenhagen.  

Where do you want to go this spring?

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