Street Art / Inventory – Exhibition

Living in a big city really makes you appreciate street art. Little stickers, a nice paste up, or a huge wall mural are gems that can brighten up your day, make you snicker or even make you think critically about modern society.  Above all, street art brings fluidity to outdoor spaces, creating art for the public!

Street Art / Inventory – Jordan Seiler and Alias, Photo rights: OPEN WALLS gallery

OPEN WALLS Gallery is currently displaying Street Art / Inventory at their space in Mitte. Works being shown are by Levalet, Alias, Madame, SP38, Vermibus, Jordan Seiler and Thomas von Wittich. The unique mix is fun and represents various styles without seeming random.


If like me, you have mixed feelings about street art presented in galleries go to this exhibition! It is really well done with the artists rising to the challenge of displaying work in a new environment. Taking street art out of the streets creates an interesting setting for the viewer while maintaining a raw and authentic spirit.


As one of the most ubiquitous spaces of artistic activity, street has become an unconventional gallery of contemporary art. It is an open showroom in which creatives can display their work without compromise, a clashing point of countless styles and expressions. Street is a symbol of ultimate freedom and complete diversity.

If you really want to deep dive into the street art scene in Berlin, sign up for a guided street art tours offered by the gallery, where the works from its artists can be seen in their natural habitat in Berlin.


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